Check Google Play Gift Card Balance With a Few Easy Steps

If you want to know how to check your Google Play gift card balance, you have arrived at the right spot. This guide will explore different methods to know your remaining balance. Let’s learn more about gift cards from Google Play. 

These are fantastic options for in-app purchases. People can use the gift cards to buy movies, mobile applications, video games, TV shows, and more. However, one should be aware of Google Play card scams. These include tax official imposters, low prices of items, hackers, and many more. 

Buy a Google Play Gift Card 

Having a gift card in your pocket could make your purchasing easier. You can improve your lifestyle and fill your mobile phone or computer with the required materials. 

According to our study, there are two methods for purchasing or receiving gift cards: Cardtonic and Google Play Store.

Google’s outlet is unavailable in some places, and cardiotonic is considered the best method for these locations. However, we can help you get a gift card. You can access third-party websites to answer surveys for money, like Pocketsinfull, Swagbucks, and more. 

How to Check Google Play Gift Card Balance Easily?

If you have been trying to check your gift card balance for a long time, this section will end your frustration and research. Explore the methods below to find your remaining gift card balance on Google Play. 

On Android or iPhone

To get your gift card on Android or iPhone, follow the below-given steps;

1: Launch the Google Play Store app or App Store on Android and iOS devices. 

2: Sign in to the account and access the admin panel. 

3: Select the three visible lines to display the menu and click “redeem.”

4: Enter your Google Play gift card codes and check your remaining balance. 

5: Click “confirm” to top-up your balance and transfer the credit from your Google gift card to see your store balance. 


Step 1: Visit the website link and log in to your account on the web browser. 

Step 2:  From the admin panel, click on the apps to redeem your gift card. Click on “redeem” and enter your card number or promo code. 

Step 3: Enter the 20-digit Google Play gift card redeem code and click “redeem” to process your payment. 

Step 4: Afterwards, you will receive a prompt to confirm. Click the confirm button and redeem your gift card. 

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Where to Use Google Play Gift Cards?

You can use the Google Play Store Gift Card only in the US. If you are a resident of the US, then you can easily buy every available digital content on the Google Play Store. You just need your pre-loaded gift card to get your desired content. If you have a Google Play Card that is useless to you anymore, you can simply sell it for cash. 

Activate Your Gift Card

You can visit the Google Play Store to activate your virtual gift card. If you want a physical gift card, then you must ask your seller to add a specific amount to your gift as per your need. After you make your request, the seller will scan the gift card to activate it. After that, you can redeem the amount on the Google Play Store. 

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Winding Up

After purchasing an online gift card, you must select the necessary items. To redeem your gift card, you must check the balance first. For this purpose, you can opt for the ways mentioned above. Checking Google Play gift card balance is essential but also easy.