Easy Steps to Check an Apple Gift Card Balance Online

Today, everyone wants to save money when shopping. It is quite possible with the help of gift cards. If you are looking to make a purchase from Apple, then this passage is for you. Moving further with the basic understanding of Apple gift card balance and more. 

Thanks to Apple, people can make online purchases with their gift cards. You do not have to pay more if you have an Apple gift card balance in your wallet. Don’t be confused. Read this blog post to learn everything related to Apple gift cards. 

About Apple Gift Card

Apple often offers a range of products/gadgets. As a leading brand worldwide, Apple has adopted price skimming. People who love to purchase high-quality products prefer this brand. Despite this, Apple assists its users in buying gadgets at reasonable costs with gift cards. 

This brand offers three types of gift cards: Apple Store Gift Cards, App Store Gift Cards, and iTunes Gift Cards. You can use the gift card physically or virtually, according to your preference. The only thing to consider is the procedure for the Apple gift card balance check. Now is the right time to learn how to redeem a gift card. Read on to explore. 

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Apple Gift Card Redemption

Once you have logged in to your account, you can select the redeem option easily. It will be your choice whether to redeem a gift card online or offline. We are discussing both methods for smooth redemption. 

Online Redemption

If you have a digital gift card, you can easily shop from Apple’s website. Redeem your card with the PIN provided in the email and click “redeem now” to get your PIN.  

Offline Redemption

Visit your nearest Apple store and ask the cashier to get your card redeemed. After receiving a card, you will see a PIN on the back. You just need to scratch off the silver film to get a PIN. 

How to Check Apple Gift Card Balance 

Checking a gift card balance is not a complex procedure, but you must have acknowledged how to do so. In this section, we will discuss methods to check the balance of your Apple gift card. 


You can visit the website to check your gift card balance. This website will ask about your card details, such as your number and PIN. Enter your details and check your remaining balance in the Apple gift card. 

Phone Call:

To check balance on Apple gift card, call 1-800-692-7753. You will get forwarded to the helpline extension, where you can talk with the customer support executive and ask for your balance. 

Apple Stores:

Currently, Apple has around 272 physical stores in the United States. You can search for your nearest store and visit there to ask for your remaining card balance. Store executives might help you know about the balance to make your redemption more flexible and easier. 

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To Conclude

An Apple gift card balance in your pocket can be a stepping stone to your living style. This brand offers quality or advanced technology. Despite purchasing, there are many other methods to get a gift card. Hundreds of websites are available where people surveys online for money and other rewards. You can try this to get an Apple gift card. 


  1. Can we check Apple gift card balance offline? 

Yes, you can check your gift card balance offline through Apple’s physical store. Visit there and ask an executive to check your balance. 

  1. What can I purchase with the help of Apple gift cards? 

With an Apple gift card in your pocket, you can purchase gadgets such as mobile phones, AirPods, smartwatches, and more. 

  1. What information do I need to trade my gift card?

Your gift card number, PIN, and remaining balance are the essential details for trading your gift card. You can provide this information to get the monetary value of your card. 

  1.  Can I check my Apple gift card balance on any third-party application?

No, Apple does not give its access to third-party applications because of privacy concerns. You must visit the official website or store to know your remaining balance.