Know the Emoji Meaning and Express Yourself Visually

In today’s digital landscape, visual representation of human emotions is crucial. Emojis are also a practical mode of communication that uses objects and certain symbols to deliver messages from one place to another. However, knowing the emoji meaning might make your online interaction smoother and more flexible. Also, you can use them on several social media platforms, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 

In this blog post, we will not only explore different types of emojis but will also understand their meanings to help you use them optimally in real life. While using the keyboard on your smartphone, you will see that a number of emojis are available through which you can express your message to another person. 

Types of Emojis and Their Meaning

We can divide the emojis available in the bucket list into different categories. You can explore them in the below section. 

  1. Facial Expression

You can express your emotions with smileys and people emojis. However, these are the most used and practical emojis, conveying messages instantly. Explore emojis revealing emotions in terms of facial expression in the below table. 

😆LaughingDepicting laughter is often used to express a reaction to something hilarious. 
😃SmileyIt denotes the positive feeling and happiness. 
😀GrinningUse this emoji whenever you want to convey cheerfulness and joy towards a positive event. 
🙃Upside Down FaceThis emoji meaning is as simple as it looks. It depicts two feelings simultaneously: silly and sarcastic.
🤒Face With ThermometerDepict your sickness or illness with another person with whom you are talking with this emoji. It contains a face with a thermometer in the mouth. 
🥵Hot FaceOne can show the rising temperature with a hot face. Additionally, it could help in expressing the struggle due to heat in summer. 
🥴Woozy FaceOne can show the rising temperature with a hot face. Additionally, it could help in expressing the struggle due to the heat in summer. 
🤯Exploding HeadNow, express your shocking and amusing reaction to this image and reveal that you have heard, read, or seen something mind-blowing. 
🥳Partying FaceThis emoji tells everyone about your party time and that you are ready for the party. 
😐️Neutral FaceOne can use this when not getting the joke and in context to concern for someone. 
🤥Lying FaceThis emoji expresses the feeling of being lied to and taken from the fictional character Pinocchio. 
😔Pensive FaceUse it to describe the state of your pain and sorrow with another person. 
😲Astonished FaceIt means that an individual comes across something shocking or amusing in different ways, positive and negative.
😭Loud Crying FaceIt conveys inconsolable grief and can be used in fun ways, like laughter or over-the-top joy in an individual’s life.
  1. Animals and Creatures

Apart from facial emojis, there are some other emojis that depict different species. Our earth is the home of millions of species. However, emoji meanings sometimes depict the same. Here is the list of animal and nature-related emojis. 

🦍GorillaEmoji of a grey-haired gorilla. 
🦒GiraffeDepicting the image of one of the tallest animals. 
🐁MouseAn emoji of a bright mouse with a long and pink tail. 
🐹HamsterA small and cute rodent kept as a pet. 
🦇BatThe emoji of a bat is used to describe the superhero. 
🐱Cat FaceThe face of the yellow cat smiling with a tongue outside of the mouth. 
  1. Food and Drink 

Apart from facial and animal species, there are some other emojis that you can use. However, these emojis are not often used. Still, if you are curious about the emojis, take a quick look at the below table.

🍑PeachPortrait a peach and share it with your acquaintances. 
🍒CherriesTwo cherries with a leaf.
🍔BurgerAn emoji of a burger with a patty and vegetables.
🧆FalafelShowcasing a popular dish in the Middle East and North Africa.
🍗Poultry LegDepicts a crispy chicken leg
🥟DumplingDepicting a popular Asian dish filled with veg and non-veg items. 

Misunderstandings From Emojis

Sometimes, emojis can create misunderstandings between two people. However, they could have different meanings depending on the context or platform. Also, you can avoid this simply by following the steps mentioned below. 

  • Learn WhatsApp emoji meanings and use them in the specific situation accurately.
  • Always think before sharing emojis and place yourself in the position of another person to understand better. 
  • Use a single type of emoji at a time so that it can express your feelings better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of this emoji 🥺?

Ans. It is a pleading face that depicts that the individual wants something so badly, and their eyes become full of tears. 

  1. Can we replace words with emojis? 

Ans. No, emojis cannot replace words entirely, but one can use them to add emotional cues. 

  1. Is it okay to make up our own emoji meaning

Ans. Yes, there is nothing wrong with creatively using emojis. However, you just have to know that other people cannot misinterpret them.