Survey Junkie Vs Pocketsinfull

Today, hundreds of online platforms are available on the Internet. Finding the right one is not a big deal. Today, in this passage, we will elaborate on two different sites, i.e., Survey Junkie and Pocketsinfull. You can compare the services of both of these platforms in the discussion on Survey Junkie vs Pocketsinfull. Earning from surveys could be easy, but a few things are essential to be considered. In this passage, we will explore services available on both platforms. Also, we will suggest you which platform might suits your requirements so that you can utilize both of them optimally.

While taking surveys, you should consider things like required time, available options, payout options, and more. Before that, you have to identify which site is offering the best services you need. While exploring different survey sites, a question might be raised in your mind: Is Survey Junkie worth it? 

About Platforms: Survey Junkie vs Pocketsinfull

  1. Survey Junkie

Being owned by large market research companies, it helps brands understand desired needs and shopping habits. Moreover, people could share their opinions on different trends to get paid. As a consumer, you can share your thoughts through surveys that help all sorts of organizations create better products. Survey Junkie can be a perfect choice for earning money online but you should identify your requirements and flexibility first.

  1. Pocketsinfull

It is one of the legitimate earning platforms that help individuals earn tons of money by answering some standard questions. Most people will surely get confused about “Is Pocketsinfull worth it or not?” Don’t worry until we are here for you. Also, Pocketsinfull often provides four different types of surveys with easy money. So, you have to choose the right one to maximize your earning potential.

Top Differences: Survey Junkie and Pocketsinfull

The main aim of both of these platforms are identical but there are many differences we can examine while exploring them on the internet. For a better understanding of key differences, we have tabulated all the data in the section below. 

ParticularsSurvey JunkiePocketsinfull

Survey Junkie pays points for its surveys. It involves surveys that give 85 points, 78 points, and others. You have to accumulate 500 points to redeem the reward of $5. After providing details like age, date of birth, and income, you can take a range of surveys in your spare time that pay you around $800 monthly. 

The primary aim of this website is to offer surveys for money. Therefore, it does not offer exciting games to get paid with effortless fun. Pocketsinfull offers many games to play, win, and earn. After registering yourself, you will see the bucket list of exciting games and rewards for playing them.  

Join Focus Groups
While on this platform, you can participate in a focus group to earn more points. Marketers for different brands may also invite you to research studies, which pay better than online surveys. Pocketsinfull mainly offers high-paying surveys, and you can earn excess money through each one. For example, on this platform, you can earn around $1.50 for each 15-minute survey. 

Offer and Discounts
This platform does not involve people with discounts and offers. But Survey Junkie understands people’s interest in shopping on browser extensions with extra points. As a legitimate earning platform, Pocketsinfull has more than 4000 offers for people who want to shop budget-friendly. Shopping through Pocketsinfull could save you invaluable money. 

Minimum Redemption Balance
To place a reward redemption request, you must have a minimum withdrawal balance of $5.Pocketsinfull often allows users to withdraw an amount after every $1, making it a more flexible site for redeeming rewards. 

Points Required
On Survey Junkie, you have to earn 100 points to convert them into $1.Pocketsinfull is a currency-based platform, and you can earn dollars directly and redeem them in your account. 

Survey Junkie does not offer coupon codes to its users. This platform directs users to its extension to take advantage of shopping benefits. Pocketsinfull offers 10,000+ coupon codes and cashback offers to save money on different purchases. It comprises hundreds of brands and their products. 

Payout Plan

Accumulating dollars is good, but we should also consider the payout section to get our withdrawal successfully from such kinds of survey websites. Let’s explore the payout plans of both of these legitimate platforms. 

How Does Survey Junkie Pay You?How Does Pocketsinfull Pay You?
You have to accumulate $5 to place a redemption request.On this platform, you cannot redeem your rewards using coupon codes. You can not earn dollars directly on this platform. It rewards points, and 1 point equals 1 cent. On this platform, you can request a withdrawal after earning $1 or more. It often pays rewards through coupon codes, offers, vouchers, and more. It is a currency-based website with no point system. You can directly earn in dollars. 

Which One to Choose: Survey Junkie vs Pocketsinfull

If you want to earn money just by answering surveys, both Survey Junkie and Pocketsinfull are worth looking into. But if you want to choose one of them, consider the points below. 

  • Want to redeem money quickly with less withdrawal? Pocketsinfull is the way to go, but remember that you have to accumulate $1 on Pocketsinfull whereas for Survey Junkie the limit is set to $5. 
  • If you are looking for a way to test out a product for the brand, you can go for Survey Junkie. 
  • Want to earn through other methods like playing games? Pockestinfull is probably for you because it has many gaming opportunities. 
  • If you are a shopping lover, we suggest you rely more on Pocketsinfull. However, both of these platforms offer the best ways to save money on shopping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make $100 a day?

It is hard, but possible to make $100 daily by taking online surveys. You just have to invest your maximum spare time on the survey sites, but always remember that it could not be your primary earning source.

Is Survey Junkie legit?

Yes, Survey Junkie is a legitimate earning platform on which you can get registered and make real money just by answering surveys. But we recommend you do your own research before trusting any earning platform.

Is taking surveys on Pocketsinfull or other platforms safe? 

Yes, it is safe to earn through surveys, but some websites are also scamming for taking your personal banking information. Beware of the scammers and increase your earning potential quickly through the internet.