Check Amazon Gift Card Balance in Easy Steps

The emerging business world is transforming because buyers want a seamless shopping experience. Having a gift card is not enough to do online shopping. You have to check your balance before using it. 

In this blog post, we will explain the procedure to check Amazon gift card balance in easy steps. This will help you get discounts or cashback on your purchases. 

About Amazon

Amazon Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce platform with more than 1525000 employees across the globe. Jeff Bezos founded the company with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. 

Amazon mainly focuses on retaining its customers, and gift cards are one way of doing this. However, most customers are still in a dilemma regarding how they can proceed with their gift card check balance procedure. 

This is the place where Pocketsinfull comes into the picture. We assure you that reading Pocketsinfull might influence your knowledge about different market trends and ways to earn/save online. To learn more details, continue to read the passage below. 

How to Check Balance on Amazon Gift Card?

Checking the balance of your Amazon gift card is not a complex task. All you need to do is follow some steps. The starting balance will be printed on the physical card or mentioned in the received eGift card. If you want to redeem your Amazon gift card, follow the below steps and check your balance first. 

Amazon’s website

Visit the official shopping website for an Amazon gift card balance check. Click on accounts & lists in the right corner of the screen. Open the gift card section to see your existing balance. 

The website can give you a reload option to get real-time data without glitches. You can use your available gift card balance while shopping on this e-commerce platform.  

Amazon’s Application

More than 150 million people place orders through Amazon’s app at least once a year. This huge customer base signifies that Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce brands offering different products and services to its end consumers. Additionally, this application could help you learn about gift card balance easily. Follow these steps to find out your available balance on the Amazon gift card. 

1: Select the account icon at the bottom of the landing page. 

2: Scroll down to the payment section.

3: Click on the Manage gift card balance option.

4: Reload your gift card section and check for past activities. 

These 4 steps could be the best Amazon gift card balance checker steps compared to other options. People trust this method more as they are retained with the application.

Phone Call

If you are not a tech-savvy person and not interested in using Amazon’s website/app, you can directly check your gift card balance by calling 888-280-4331. On this phone call, a customer support executive will help you check your balance on an Amazon gift card. 

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Checking Amazon gift card balances is not as complex as it seems, and reading Pocketsinfull might help you under such circumstances. As per the above discussion, we have identified three major ways to check the gift card balance that Amazon offers. You can check through the official website, app, or phone number. It is essential to know the remaining gift card balance before it is redeemed or expires. So, what are you waiting for? Check your Amazon gift card balance now and shop with exciting discounts or cashback. 


Which is the most used method for checking Amazon gift card balances?

Most people use the Amazon app to explore their gift card balance. This leading e-commerce platform has retained its customers on application, which makes it the most used method. 

Is it necessary to check the balance on an Amazon gift card?

Yes, you should check your balance on your gift card before redeeming it. This will help you use the remaining balance in the gift card, and you can get more discounts or cashback on the products and services. 

Is there any offline method to check your Amazon gift card balance?

Yes, you can check your balance by calling 888-280-4331. A customer support representative will help you determine your remaining gift card balance so that you can redeem it efficiently when shopping.