3 Easiest Ways to Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance

The emerging world is transformative and innovative. Businesses introduce a variety of products daily to meet customer needs. However, most buyers still need help managing their budget simultaneously with their purchases. 

Here, gift cards come into the picture. Businesses continuously try to boost their sales figures by offering discounts and cashback to customers. A gift card is just a mechanism for this. In this passage, we will discuss how to check Walmart gift card balances. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

About Walmart and Its Gift Cards

Today, hundreds of retailers offer an assortment of merchandise and services at low prices. Walmart is among them. Over 230 million customers visit Walmart every week. Sam Walton and Bud Walton founded Walmart in 1962, and it operates in over 10,500 locations. 

Walmart allows you to use gift cards to make your purchase easier. These gift cards can offer huge discounts on the products you purchase. It is time to explore ways to check the balance of your Walmart gift card.

3 Easy Ways to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance Online

Having only a gift card is not enough; you should also know how to manage and use it. Knowing your gift card balance is the first step that you must take before purchasing. If we talk about the Walmart gift card, here are the ways to check your balance quickly. 

  1. Using Smartphone 

Call 1-888-537-5503 and talk with a customer service representative. You must select the helpline extension for your card balance during the call. Extension will ask you to input the gift card number and wait. After this easy procedure, a customer service representative will inform you about your Walmart gift card balance. 

  1. In-person 

If you are uncomfortable using the above methods, you can also check your gift card balance in person. To do this, visit a nearby Walmart Store. Take your gift card there and ask a customer service representative to check the balance.  

This one is the most adopted method currently. People visited Walmart stores in different areas to check their gift card balances or shop for products and services. 

  1. Online

You can easily check Walmart gift card balance online through its official website. The website has a separate gift card balance page. You only require a 16-digit gift card number, which a four-digit personal identification number should follow. Entering details and clicking the check balance button will display your details on the screen. 

From Where You Can Get Walmart Gift Cards

Not everyone can get Walmart gift cards. However, as a reader of this passage, you will learn how to get these gift cards. As per the study, we have identified ways to get Walmart gift cards. Here are the ways. 

  • Sam’s Club Stores: Physical Walmart gift cards are now available in Sam’s Club Stores. You can purchase them easily. Those gift cards can provide ultimate discounts and cashback to influence your purchasing experience. 
  • Online Surveys: Today, hundreds of websites and apps claim to be the best way to get paid with Walmart gift cards. We suggest you explore Pocketsinfull for the best online surveys that offer higher discounts through Walmart gift cards. You just have to share your opinions on emerging market trends. 
  • PayPal: Another crucial way to get a Walmart gift card is Paypal. You can directly purchase gift cards from your PayPal account to get discounts on Walmart’s products and services. 

After getting gift cards through the above methods, you can check your Walmart gift card balance using the methods elaborated above. 

Key Takeaways

  • An individual can use three methods: online, in-person, and smartphone for a Walmart gift card balance check.
  • Online survey sites like Pocketsinfull are a better option for getting Walmart gift cards as a reward for your opinions. 
  • Walmart does not sell its gift cards on Amazon. To get gift cards, you must access other options like the club store, PayPal, and paid surveys. To know more about branded surveys, visit Pocketsinfull.


How much discount or cashback can we get through a Walmart gift card? 

Your Walmart gift card easily saves you around $30 on every purchase. This gift card allows people to purchase a thing multiple times as long as it has value. 

How can we use Walmart gift cards to purchase products? 

First, you should check Walmart gift card balance. If you are an online buyer, you can add the items to your card and checkout. After this, you have to confirm your delivery location and information to place an order. Meanwhile, offline buyers can directly use Walmart gift cards at the stores. 

At which locations can we use Walmart gift cards? 

Walmart gift cards can be used at any of its stores and online mode. You can also use your Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club stores to purchase products and services. 

Can I get a Walmart gift card for free? 

Yes, it is possible to do so with online survey sites like Pocketsinfull. You just have to share your opinions to earn reward points and redeem your reward points easily in Walmart gift cards from Pocketsinfull.com