Easiest Ways to Check Your Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

Savings could be a booster for everyone. You can now maximize your savings with the help of gift cards. It could help you gain a seamless shopping experience, and you can make purchases within a low budget. 

Thousands of department store retailing chains operate in America, including Kohl’s. In this passage, we will discuss Kohl’s and its gift cards. You will learn how to use these gift cards to save valuable money and gain a seamless shopping experience at Kohl’s stores.

Facts About Kohl’s 

An American department store retail chain, Kohl’s operates in more than 1165 locations worldwide. Maxwell Kohl founded this retail chain in 1927. The first Kohl’s store was opened as a corner grocery store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To retain happy customers, Kohl’s offers gift cards, which enable people to purchase products at discount prices. Most people are still confused about how to check their Kohls gift card balance, but reading Pocketsinfull might encourage your understanding of this issue.

Know Your Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

Checking the gift card balance is manageable on the internet. You just have to follow some pivotal steps. We have mentioned the crucial steps to check your Kohl’s gift card balance online. Read on to explore. 

In-Store Shopping

An offline store helps you purchase different products and services and acts as a Kohls gift card balance checker. Use the store locator to access the address of your nearby stores. You will only need a zip code or state name to do so. 

Visit your nearest store, and the cashier will help determine your remaining balance on the Kohl gift card. This method is preferred by people who want to refrain from engaging in technical processes. 

Phone Call

Don’t want to get stuck in technical procedures? If yes, Call 1 (855) 564-5705 to find out about your remaining balance on the Kohl’s gift card. A customer support executive will provide the necessary instructions on this call. 

You may also call the automated gift card balance line at 1 (800) 935-6457 to know your remaining balance. 

During the call, you must select the helpline extension for card balance. After that, enter your card number and wait to proceed. You will receive information about your remaining balance in the Kohls gift card. 

Kohl’s Website

You can now access Kohls.com, Kohl’s official website, to check your gift card balance. Kohls.com is available to resolve your queries and perform multiple activities. Kohls gift card balance check has become easier with the help of Kohls.com.

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Steps to Get a Gift Card? 

Here, we have mentioned the ways to get Kohl’s gift card. 

  • Purchase Kohl’s gift cards directly from its official website
  • You can buy this card from Kohl’s stores in different locations. 
  • Internet user also relies on survey sites like Pocketsinfull to win gift cards for their seamless shopping experience. 

How Long Do Kohl’s Gift Cards Last?

Gift cards have no expiry date. You can use them to save tons of money on your shopping experiences. It would be best to prefer upcoming events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and more to use Kohl’s gift cards. 


Checking the gift card balance is an easy task. You just have to access the internet and location. You can easily check your Kohls gift card balance with store visits, websites, and calls. The study also analyses that you can get Kohl’s gift cards through official websites, third-party applications, survey sites, and more. 

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What is the validity of Kohl’s gift card?

Kohl’s gift cards do not expire. You can use the balance available for upcoming events or occasions. However, you must care for your card to prevent it from being stolen or lost. 

Can we get Kohl’s gift card for free?

You can get Kohl’s gift cards for free through different survey sites or apps. Today, hundreds of survey sites like Pocketsinfull are available online with exciting rewards and cashback. 

Which method is the best to check kohls gift card balance?

All of the methods mentioned above are flexible and easy to access. You can choose among them according to your needs. You have options like in-store, Kohl’s website, and contact numbers to determine your remaining balance on the gift card. 

Can we activate the Kohl’s gift card online?

Yes, you can activate the Kohl’s gift card online. You will need the PIN code. You should activate every gift card you pick up before using it.