Check Lowe’s Gift Cards Balance in a Few Easy Steps

Having a gift card can be very beneficial because it allows you to save a lot of money on your shopping. If you are fond of home decor and appliances then you must have Lowe’s gift card to save up to 40% on your purchase. But having a gift card is not enough to ensure your discount. So, checking your Lowe’s gift card balance is also necessary. 

If you are not aware of the methods through which you can check the gift card balance, then no worries. This blog will help you understand all the details about gift card balance checking and other essential stuff. So, buckle up your seat and take this ride for seamless and low-priced shopping. 

All About Lowe’s Gift Card

In the US, enthusiasts and hobbyists of home improvement have a wide range of retail options available to them. Because of its large selection, affordability, value, high-quality brands, and variety of deals, Lowe’s is a great alternative. Lowe’s really stands out for consumers searching for brands other than the big-box store’s own names and lines, even if both stores sell comparable necessities and product lines.

Of course, the majority of people these days believe that finding the best bargain is crucial, whether they are shopping in person or online. Using a Lowes gift card, or several Lowes gift cards, can save the day by cutting the total cost of your transaction considerably. A gift card functions exactly like cash money, after all. 

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How to Check Lowes Gift Card Balance?

To check out the gift card balance, you can choose any of the methods provided below; 

  • Online: Lowe’s has a webpage dedicated to checking gift card balances: You will need to enter your 19-digit card number and the 4-digit ID number located on the back of your card.
  • By phone: You can call Lowe’s customer service toll-free at 1-800-560-7172 and a representative can help you check your balance.
  • In-Store: Visit any Lowe’s store and head to the customer service desk. A cashier can quickly check your balance for you.

How Can I Get a Lowes Gift Card?

Getting a gift card from Lowe’s is easy, and you do not have to pay any extra money. Simply follow any of the methods given below and get your card instantly. 

1. Look through flyers for local advertisements. Gift card selections at major retailers including Lowe’s stores, Dollar General, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and neighborhood grocery stores are frequently discounted. Simply by purchasing your gift card at the appropriate location and time, you can simply receive 10% off or better deals.

2. Register on websites for tasks and gift cards. Register yourself with Pocketsinfull and receive money by completing online activities such as completing surveys and other small tasks. Gift cards are a common format for reward payouts. Popular gift cards like Lowe’s are also offered at a discount on Pocketsinfull. 

3. Enroll in apps and newsletters with exclusive offers. As a member, you can receive early and fast notifications on gift card offers and discounts from websites and apps like Honey and RetailMeNot. Additionally, it’s usually free to register and use them.

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How many Lowes gift cards can I use?

Only Lowe’s stores or the Lowe’s website are acceptable places to use Lowe’s gift cards. However, the selected shopping method determines how many redeemable gift cards are permitted per purchase. When making purchases on Lowe’s website, you are limited to five Lowe’s gift cards per transaction, regardless of the balance on Lowe’s gift card.

At any Lowe’s store, you can spend as many gift cards as you like in a single purchase. Any Lowe’s gift card may be used as cash for in-store purchases by the gift card recipient without requiring them to present identification. To check on the remaining amount, a state or federal ID will be needed if a refund is sought and approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Activate a Lowe’s Gift Card?

Ans. Lowe’s gift cards don’t require activation! You can use them right away in-store or online by swiping or entering the card details at checkout.

2. When to Purchase Lowe’s Gift Cards?

Ans. Lowe’s gift cards are always an option, but for the best deals, buy them around Black Friday to combine with store discounts.

3. How do you use a gift card in-store?

Ans. At checkout, present your Lowes gift card. The cashier will scan it or ask for the number. If the balance is low, you can often pay the rest using another method.